Tsitsipas revealed when his brother was crying after Stefanos defeated a tennis legend

Stefanos Tsitsipas recently took part in an interesting and emotional conversation with the Australian Open team and recalled his match with tennis legend Roger Federer.

Tsitsipas With His Brother

There has always been a shared dream among the younger generations in tennis. Every player has the desire to compete against tennis greats like Roger Federer, regardless of where they are from. For the majority of them, this would remain just a dream; however, Stefanos Tsitsipas was the one who experienced this wonderful time.

A matchup with Roger Federer was something Tsitsipas longed to experience back in 2019. During the match, the Greet tennis star broke down the millions of emotions that were experienced, even though it was a moment to cherish forever.

Tsitsipas recently participated in a lively and engaging interview with the Australian Open team. The tennis player was shocked to recall the golden match he played against none other than the tennis legend Federer, even though he had watched videos of many incredible matches from his era.

Tsitsipas shared his feelings about playing against Federer and said: “It was electric. Yes, a lot of breaks at night. I was playing my idol and that was a moment of glory. It felt magical!”

Tsitsipas discussed the honor the match brought to his professional tennis career in addition to highlighting an emotional aspect of the situation.

He added: “My brother started crying because he knows how much this means to me and it was one of the first matches that he got to watch on the Rod Laver Arena, and that happens.”

Along with adding a point where he faced his hero, Tsitsipas’s triumph over Federer represented a turning point in his career. He was successful in the match despite the difficulties he encountered, setting an example for the younger fans.


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Tsitsipas in Los Cabos, ranking, and results in 2024

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Now ranked no.11, the Greek has an overall 6-2 match record in 2024. The Greek is playing at the moment in Los Cabos where he ousted the world no.72 Aleksandar Vukic 6-3 6-0.

Stefanos Tsitsipas will fight against the world no.100 Aleksandar Kovacevic in the quarter on Thursday at 8:00 pm on ESTADIO MEXTENIS. In the past, they have never competed against each other up to now in top competitions.

The Greek won 11 titles in his career: 1 on hard courts, 4 on clay courts, 5 on indoor courts and 1 on grass courts. (See the list of his titles)

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Stefanos Tsitsipas

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