Tennis Legend Roddick revealed he was “robbed” by a Russian policeman in Moscow

Andy Roddick revealed that during his Davis Cup trip to Russia, he was robbed by a police officer. The event, according to the former world number one, occurred in 2006 while he was in Moscow for the US-Russia Davis Cup match.

Andy Roddick Talks In An Interview

Andy Roddick disclosed that a police officer had robbed him while he was in Russia for the Davis Cup. The former world champion claims that the incident happened in 2006 while he was in Moscow for the Davis Cup match between the United States and Russia.

Russia advanced to the final game and defeated Argentina by the same score in a match that Roddick’s USA lost 3-2 in the semifinals. Apart from the courtroom, Roddick’s incident with the Russian police remains the most unforgettable—and not in a good way.

The 41-year-old stated that he was threatened with arrest by a Russian police officer until all of his money was turned in. It’s an unusual sequence of events, but according to Roddick, it’s a true story.

Roddick explained the story and said: “I got robbed by a police officer on the street in Russia in 2006 when we were there for the Davis Cup. True story. I came up and said, How much cash do you have? I said $300. He simply said, Give it to me or go to jail. I paid it and he went on his way. No emotion. Transactional. Let’s not get to that level of normalizing crazy s**t. It ain’t it. I never went back.”

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