DOPING. Holger Rune says his mother is still in control with coach Mouratoglou is back

Holger Rune renews partnership with coach Patrick Mouratoglou, seeking resurgence after setbacks with Boris Becker and Severin Luthi.

Doping. Holger Rune Says His Mother Is In Control Despite Coach Mouratoglou Is Back

World No. 7 tennis player, Holger Rune, has made headlines once again with the announcement of his reunion with former coach Patrick Mouratoglou. The news, disclosed by Mouratoglou on Wednesday (February 21), marks a significant development in Rune’s career as he seeks to reclaim his former glory on the ATP Tour.

Rune first sought the guidance of Mouratoglou in 2022, a pivotal year that saw the Danish player rise through the ranks and achieve a career-high ranking of 4. Under Mouratoglou’s tutelage, Rune’s talent flourished, and he emerged as a formidable contender on the professional circuit.

However, despite his initial success, Rune encountered a challenging period in 2023, enduring a string of losses between July and September, going 0-7 in singles matches. Concerned by his performance on the court, the 20-year-old made the decision to part ways with Mouratoglou and opted for the coaching expertise of Boris Becker, a six-time Major winner, and Severin Luthi, former coach to Roger Federer.

Although Becker and Luthi were brought in to steer Rune back on course, their collaboration ultimately proved unsuccessful. Rune’s disappointing performance at the Australian Open served as the catalyst for the termination of his partnership with both Becker and Luthi.

Now, as Rune’s coaching journey comes full circle, he has once again turned to Mouratoglou for guidance. Expressing his optimism about the renewed collaboration, Rune took to his social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), to convey his excitement about the prospect of achieving new victories with Mouratoglou and his team.

“No worries. My mother has always been in control of this and will continue to do so,” Rune assured his supporters, indicating confidence in his decision to reunite with his former coach.

With Rune and Mouratoglou back in sync, tennis enthusiasts eagerly await to witness the next chapter in the promising career of this dynamic player-coach duo. As they embark on this new journey together, hopes are high for Rune to once again make his mark on the ATP Tour and cement his status as one of the sport’s rising stars.

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Now ranked no.7, Rune played his last match on the 15th of February when he capitulated to world no.45 Alexander Shevchenko 6-4 1-6 6-3 in the 2nd round in Rotterdam (draw).

Until now, during this year Holger has managed to achieve an overall 8-4 win-loss record. Holger Rune’s best result of this year was reaching the final in Brisbane.

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