Matteo Berrettini confirms he split with his girlfriend, Melissa Satta.

Mattel Berrettini had a press conference talking about many different topics

Berrettini And Melissa Satta

Matteo Berrettini held a press conference talking about different theories. While addressing his current form, he also confirmed that he is not dating his (now) former girlfriend, Melissa Satta.

Then, talking about his his issues, he added: “It has certainly always started from the body, not feeling well physically, then what happened is that in my career, I have always helped myself with my head.

At a certain point, I felt tired of overcoming these physical problems; it was as if I had that energy tank running out, and so I found myself in a stalemate phase in which I didn’t know what to hold on to.

But it all started from the physical problem, not the mental one, but then things go hand in hand.

I did many tests to understand that there are a thousand reasons, perhaps the stress that tennis causes, which is high, but which, however, does not justify so many things. The positive things are that there were no incredible issues, but there were things on which I had to work for example I have had scoliosis since I was little, and we are working a lot on posture, and rotations, for my abdominal problems. We are working a lot, even adding team members.”

Matteo Berrettini in 2024

Matteo Berrettini

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2023 Highlights

At the moment ranked no.129, the Italian played his last match on the 31st of August 2023 when he had to retire when playing against world no.86 Arthur Rinderknech in the 2nd round and the scoreline was 6-4 5-3 .

This year the Italian has a compiled 14-12 match record.

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